Physical Therapy 1 hr Session

Sled Dogs Run Club

No Sweat Intro

Schedule a no sweat intro with us! No workout, just a quick conversation to talk to you about your goals, what programs we have that might work well for you, and how to get started. Additionally, and most importantly, what you are already doing right! If none of these times work for you, email us at to schedule a different time.

Skill Session

This is designed for experienced CF athletes that are looking to improve a particular movement. Whether it be a barbell movement, gymnastics, or anything in between. We will break down your technique and give you a short video analysis to help improve it.

Body Fat Calipers and Measurements

This appoint is for a quick body fat test with calipers and body measurements.

This appointment will take place at CrossFit Jai - 1921 Federal Blvd

Discovery Session

Unsure if Physical Therapy is right for you? Schedule a free 20 minute discovery session with Tim and you can learn more about your treatment options.

Goal Setting Session

Setting goals in CrossFit is a very important piece of the puzzle. You should know where you are headed whether it be nutrition, strength, endurance, mobility, or anything else.

Taking time every few months to sit down with a coach and map out where you have come from and where you are going will help to avoid plateauing and give you something to be continually working towards.

Without goals, it's easy to get bogged down in CrossFit and not get all that you can out of yourself.

Book a free 30 minute goal setting session with TJ today!